The Future of Power Management is Here

Old methods of power distribution have gone the way of the floppy disk; it’s outdated technology. With the PDM60, there’s no more blown fuses, tangled wiring, overloaded circuits, CANbus related power interruptions, confusion or frustration. The PDM60 is fully user programmable via the PDM60 dashboard software (set circuit triggering/switching methods, delay circuit activation/deactivation, and individual circuit amperage levels)

Six power circuits, and 60 Amps of power handling capability; enough to handle all of your gadgets and accessories.

With the PDM60 installed, adding or removing aftermarket electrical devices and electronics is a breeze. It eliminates the need to check or replace fuses. It eliminates the need to install relays to power higher amperage applications like driving lights, heated clothing, Stebel horns, etc. It completely eliminates any potential for current draw related problems commonly associated with CANbus style electrical systems.

Plain and simple, with the PDM60, your vehicle will be better equipped, and better protected.