Troubleshooting the PDM60

The PDM60 is a fully solid-state electronic device with no repairable/replaceable parts on the unit.  This fact contributes to the superior longevity and performance of the device, and makes it simple to connect and troubleshoot.


Communication Error

  • Ensure the PDM60 is disconnected from the battery
  • After the cable is plugged in, all the LEDs will be rapidly flashing orange when the PDM60 is ready to program
  • Select the correct COM port – In the dashboard, click on File -> Options.  Choose the correct COM port from the drop down list.  COM3 is always present, but the correct port is typically the highest number.  The port number can also be found in the Windows Device Manager.
  • Try using a different COM port on your computer
  • Check the programming cable for proper orientation.  The open pin, or notch, should be closest to the output wires of the PDM60.
  • Inspect the programming cable for damage

PICKit2 Programmer Not Detected

  • In the dashboard click on File -> Options.  Change the programming tool to “PDM60 Programming Cable”


Please note: reversing polarity (connecting to the battery backwards) will result in damage not covered by the warranty.

PDM60 Will Not Activate With Ignition

  • Check that the source you are using to trigger the PDM60 has a constant positive voltage when the ignition is on.  If not, find a different source.
  • If a startup delay time is set, the PDM60 will not activate until the delay time is reached.

PDM60 Will Not Shut Off When the Ignition is Off

  • Make sure the source you are using to trigger the PDM60 does not have a positive voltage after the ignition is turned off.  The source you are using to trigger the PDM60 may have a shutoff delay and the PDM60 will not shut down until the ignition trigger senses 0 (zero) volts.
  • If a shutoff delay time was set, the PDM60 will not shut down until the delay time has been reached.
  • If the mode was set to a “with delay time off” on any circuit and the delay time is to 0 (zero) seconds, the PDM60 will shut down after 10 minutes.  A time off delay of 0 (zero) seconds defaults to 600 seconds.

My Device Stays On or Partially On After the Ignition is Turned Off

  • Check the LED status of the PDM60 for the circuit that is staying on.  If it is green, the PDM60 is still active and may have been setup with a shutoff delay time or the trigger source is still live or the circuit has been set to “always live”
  • If any circuit is active (green LED) then any inactive circuits will display an orange LED and have a potential of 6 volts.  If your device can operate at 6 volts then it may remain on or partially on until all circuits on the PDM60 are shut off.

My PDM60 No Longer Activates

  • Check the battery connection and trigger wire to ensure they are secure.
  • Check the trigger source for a positive voltage when the ignition is on.
  • If your PDM60 has been working fine and suddenly fails to activate upon starting your vehicle, follow the previous troubleshooting checks.  If no issues are discovered, remove the PDM60 and perform an activation test by touching the red power wire to the positive battery pole, the black ground wire to the negative battery pole, and at the same time touch the gray trigger wire to the positive battery pole.  If the PDM60 fails to activate after the delay time, try reprogramming the PDM60.  An event may have occurred that caused the PDM60 to fail during the start up sequence and “lock up”.  This is a very rare event but reprogramming will correct the problem.


If you are unable to resolve an issue after troubleshooting please contact Rowe Electronics using the email submission form found on the Contact Us page of this website.  We will respond as quickly as possible during normal business hours (8am-5pm CST, Monday-Friday).