Physical dimensions?
2”H x 3”W x .9”D; so it’s smaller than the Fuze and most other Power Module on the market – It’s about the size of a business card, and less than an inch thick
The unit shown has 6 indicator lights for the six circuits, what are those for??
The LEDs indicate the condition of the circuit. If it’s green, you’re good. If it’s orange, it’s an inactive or unused circuit, or has been interrupted due to an intermittent fault condition. If the LED is RED, you’ve have an existing fault on the circuit, and the power has been interrupted.
Do you just splice into the wire for each circuit?
The PDM60 comes with a Posi-Lock connector for each circuit and the ground trigger. There’s also a Posi-Tap for connecting the ignition trigger wire. There’s one lead per circuit, two trigger wires, and the main power and ground leads. This makes the installation of the PDM60 a breeze, and allows for custom fitting the unit to your vehicle. We keep it compact & keep it easy
Do you fuse the power line from the battery?
a fuse in the power wire is not required, and would yield no additional benefit. The PDM60 is essentially a self monitoring digital fuse/breaker itself.
60 Amps total draw?
That’s right, 60 Amps of power handling capability. Load it up.
Is there a large ground to the device?
No – There is a 16AWG ground wire for the PDM60 internals. Your items\accessories being powered by the PDM60 are grounded to the chassis/frame of the vehicle, or to the battery via the included ground bus cable & hardware. Power doesn’t return to the PDM60; only out.
The PDM60 has an MSRP of $199.99, with discounted rates for dealers and distributors.
Available now – contact our office to get set up as a dealer/distributor or to find the dealer closest to you
Is there a warranty on the item?
Yes, there is a 1 year of in-service usage warranty. These units have been designed and manufactured to provide long term, rock solid service in all riding conditions. You can get it wet, muddy, icy, covered in dust and sand…… and it will still perform effectively; that’s our guarantee. Be aware that erroneously connecting the circuit output wires to the positive terminal on your battery, or any 12V power source, can send back-feed current into the unit and possibly damage to the internals. User induced damage is not covered under warranty, so be mindful of that when wiring the unit up.
If a circuit is shorted and interrupted, when does it reset back to on? At power off and back on?
Yes, you just key off and then on again, and all circuits reset. Never chase a blown fuse again.
My vehicle has a CAN type electrical systems. Can I connect the unit to my electrical system without having problems/hassles?
The unit is completely CAN type system compatible. We designed it with CAN in mind.
When I turn the key on, I’d like to start my vehicle before all the accessories power up. Can I do this?
Certainly. The units ship with a stock 7 second startup delay, and can be used right out of the package. But… the PDM60 is also fully programmable. We’ve developed dashboard software (free download) which allows you to configure individual circuit behavior. – There are 8 different triggering mode options for each circuit, and you can set delay activation / and delay off time periods, as well as individual circuit current limits. Configuration changes are a breeze to set up. The dashboard is easy to install, and easy to use. You can update/change your settings whenever you want.
We now use Fuze blocks, and they are a challenge due to their size and the possibility of shorts to the circuit board. If this is sealed it will be nice to install. (... completely sealed, and would survive the Baja powering lights, GPS etc. – I mean sealed completely)
Every bit of the PDM60 electronics/internals is fully encapsulated. It’s absolutely rock solid – Mud, Dirt, Rain, Snow; it’s all in a day’s work for the PDM60 – The abuse won’t hurt it one bit – River running, fire roads, rain storms, mud bogging, wake jumping….or a just 1500 mile trek down the interstate…. The unit will perform. We do recommend that you keep a dab of dielectric grease in the programming header to prevent corrosion to the programming terminals
What if I have an item that draws more than 15Amps?
No sweat, we’ve recently added a 20A capable circuit (circuit #5) that can be used to power intermittent applications like Stebel horns, etc. The 20A circuit is recommended for intermittent use only. If 20A is not enough, you can also run parallel circuits. You utilize two (or three) of the circuits (i.e. two 15A circuits=30A) to power your device. You just connect multiple circuit leads to your device power lead, ground your device to the frame or other suitable ground point, and you’re up and running, fully protected. Keep in mind that any load will be split equally among the circuits used, so each of the circuits used must be able to its portion of the total load. i.e. two circuits, 50% of total load each